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Shipping Timelines


Ocelot Market is a marketplace for artisan-made products. We strive to preserve traditions and bring fair work to communities around the world.

Our inventory is in many locations and for that reason, if you order more than 1 brand in your purchase, you will most likely get more than 1 shipment and tracking for each product.

Please refer to the shipping timelines below for expected timelines. For any delays beyond this, we will reach out to you. We work with brands that are small and travel often to continue their work. Our global reach means we work with groups that have differing vacation and holiday schedules that we honor. 


Shipped 2-3 Business Days: Brands that Ship Almost Immediately

PLEASE NOTE: Arrival times vary based on location shipped from

  • Agua e Lulo
  • Anatolico
  • Bogui
  • CANO
  • Catrinka
  • Cojolya
  • Conscious Step
  • Creative Women
  • Dushyant Asthana
  • Es Par Ta
  • Filantropie
  • Fosterie
  • Haiti Design Co. (5-7 days)
  • Hathorway
  • KAZI
  • Laadi Designs
  • Made in...Turkey, Mexico, etc.
  • Matter Prints
  • Moroccan Birds
  • New Market Goods
  • Pala Eyewear
  • Poppy + Sage
  • Proud Mary Footwear
  • Sarep + Rose
  • Soko
  • Swahili Modern
  • Tribe Alive
  • Tribe + Glory
  • Zig Zag Asian Collection


Shipped Made to Order: 2-4 Weeks Before Shipped

  • Maliko
  • Nandni Studio
  • Shekudo
  • Teysha (4-5 weeks)