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Designers, co-founders and Nashville natives - Jeremy and Susannah - met while building a house in Haiti during college. Their paralleled interests in serving others and traveling would lead them to venture all over SE Asia.

The idea for a sustainable product had been cultivated ever since Susannah returned from Southeast Asia in 2012. It was there she noticed heaps of discarded cement and farming bags that cluttered the streets. She met a talented woman at the night market who was transforming this trash into unique tote bags. Fast forward to Cambodia, 2016. Welcome to their brand, CEMENT6.

CEMENT6's mission is simple: To break the chain of fast fashion by creating a sustainable, quality product - coupled with the desire to serve our local and international communities. Today's fashion industry relies heavily on mass production and large corporations selling products at low prices. Unfortunately, this overconsumption comes with a hidden price tag - where the environment and workers are the ones who pay.

At CEMENT6, they work directly with artisans in Cambodia to design and create your one of a kind product. CEMENT6 does not believe in speed, mass production or low wages. CEMENT6 also stands as a business that serves.

The GIVE6 concept represents the six different philanthropic, sustainable and economic impacts they aim to have within the villages where the product is created as well as their local communities. We hope you love CEMENT6's products and their stories, as much as we do.