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Where to stay in Morocco

The hardest part about planning a trip to Morocco is deciding where to stay.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, it's because there are too many beautiful places to chose from.  Every...

The hardest part about planning a trip to Morocco is deciding where to stay.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, it's because there are too many beautiful places to chose from.  Every twisted corner of Morocco is filled with sunshine and beauty.  When planning, it can get a little overwhelming. 

So we have created a guide to our favorite places to stay.  We have narrowed it down to three options for each major city based on budget.  Side note, the more dollar signs does not necessarily mean better!

Tips of the trade:

1.  It does not hurt to plan at the last minute.  We promise.  Hotels Tonight makes everything okay.  Make sure you have this app if need be and sometimes you can get a $$$ for $ if you're lucky!

2.  Moroccan businesses can be a little..under the radar sometimes.  We have been asked to pay for our hotel at check out with cash before so just be mindful of this being a possibility.  It's a little frustrating as an American (we understand) but just set your expectations and know this so it's not at frustrating at the last minute.

3.  Almost all riads and hotels offer tea upon arrival.  It's complimentary and wonderful.  Traveling can be exhausting so say yes!  But be mindful to share how much sugar you would like in it because sometimes they won't ask and it can get really, really sweet!

4.  Always try to schedule pick up with your riad or hotel.  This will save a lot of time and complications!  Some riads are very hard to find and you do not want to be paying multiple people on the street to help you find your place late into the night.  We have learned from experience.  Email or call the hotel/riad in advance to have them schedule something for you.



$$$  La Mamounia

Photo from Ooh Couture

This is the place you have seen on Pinterest and probably heard about a time or two.  It is a must see for those visiting Marrakech without a doubt but if you can stay here for a night - do it!  La Mamounia is a true escape from the daily hustle and bustle of the old city, especially if you go to the spa/hammam.

$$  Almaha

I would file this under a luxury experience you don't have to feel guilty about.  Almaha is very small so you must book in advance.  But so worth it.  Having a pool to come back to after a long day in the souks is not something to overlook.

$ Riad Dar Bakara

Like many riads in Morocco, this one can be a little intimidating to find the first time around due to the many alleyways and hidden doors.  However, once you find, it is well worth it.  This place is calm with a friendly environment and a killer roof.  Rooms are very affordable and location is perfect.


$$$ Les Jardin Des Biehn 

This stay is a destination in itself.  The Biehn are a French family who felt in love with Fez and settled in 10 years ago. Over time, they have restored with much care the summer palace of a Pacha.  As the name says, there is a garden here and a lovely cafe.  If you do not get the chance to stay, we recommend coming for lunch.

$$ Riad Idrissy

Riad Idrissy was renovated with style about five years ago.  We like it for its contemporary, western comforts like rain showers and mist-free mirrors in the bathrooms. There are no televisions or telephones but there's Wi-Fi throughout, a kaftan and babouche slippers to waft around in.  Very chic.

$  Dar Victoria

I don't think we could say enough good things about this place if we tried.  The manager of Dar Victoria is one of the kindest people we met in Morocco.  Totally accomodating.  Entirely understanding.  Very helpful.  Oh and the dar is beautiful to boot.  We would pick here again and again any day.


$$$ Grand Villa de France

We will start out by saying, Tangier is lacking a lot of the Moroccan charm in its decor outright.  You aren't going to find the same ornate riads or sultan-esque living abodes.  It has a more European vibe which makes sense since it's so close to Europe.  With that said, this hotel is five stars, has wonderful views and is a great location.

$$ Mimi Calpe

Even the name is charming.  I'm sorry to say this was not the place I stayed last time I was in Tangier.  If I could do it again, I would.  This is a small guesthouse with a lovely little pool.  Amenities are sweet and simple.  Definitely will go back.  And if you really like it at the Tangier offering, they have four other outposts throughout the country.

$ Dar Souran

We love the people here.  They are like family.  The guesthouse at Souran has beautiful views of all of Tangier and is the perfect place to start out your morning with a Moroccan breakfast.  This stay has all the accommodations you will need to make yourself at home while exploring Tangier.


$$$ Lina Ryad & Spa

This is probably the nicest place in Chefchouen and if you look at the pictures you will understand why.  The pool and spa basically speaks for itself.  As a guest at Lina if you want to use the pool you actually have to put your name down to rent it privately by the hour.  And it's included.  It's amazing.  They let us do this after we checked out after a long day on the streets before hopping on a train to Tangier.  Basically it was perfect.  Oh and the room and roof are pretty beautiful too.  Okay insanely beautiful.

$$  Riad Cherifa

 If looking to save a little on your stay in Chefchouen, Riad Cherifa is not a bad choice.  Chefchouen old city is fairly small so location is not a big concern with deciding where to stay.  Cherifa is nice, well located, cute and comfortable.

Dar Zambra

Great views, great breakfast, great people.  That is what you can expect here and what makes an evening here worthwhile.  


$$$ Heure Bleue

Think of the Delano in Miami but just 1000 times calmer.  The Heure Bleue has lovely places to lay out, a pool and the works but without the fuss.  With a place like this, there isn't going to be any need to sightsee.

$$  Riad Emotion

While the name comes off as a little kitschy at first, it is easier to get over once you realize no one is actually going to be asking where you are staying.  Riad Emotion is a close walk to the beach which is perfect if you are there for surfing or windsurfing.

$ Raoud Rayhane

As a bit of an aesthete myself, I look at this hotel and am surprised that the price is not higher.  But I'm not mad!  Similar to Chefchouen, Essouira is fairly small.  So location is not an issue with deciding a place to stay.  Budget is most important.  This spot is filled with lots of light decor which has a nice calming effect in comparison with the visual overload of Morocco.


$$$  Four Seasons Casablanca

The name speaks for itself.  The Four Seasons Casablanca is everything you would expect.  Stunning views of the water, pristine decor and exceptional service.  This is the way to really treat yourself.  Most people in Casablanca speak in French, but this is not something you will have to worry about at the Four Seasons.

$$  Le Doge

This is a really good middle man.  It's not as expensive as the Four Seasons but you will also feel like Greta Garbo on vacation.  This is if you need to be in Casablanca and are looking for comfort long term.  With that said, we are not sure anyone needs to be vacationing in Casablanca long term.

$ Imperial Casablanca Hotel

This is a four start hotel at a really, really good price.  Granted, it has serious city vibes.  That is because Casablanca is about as big as New York City!  So as long as you can keep that in mind, this is a great place to rest your head in a very busy metropolis.


$$$ Euphoriad

To be honest with you, there are a ton of amazing hotels in Rabat.  You probably can't go wrong.  Euphoriad has a really interesting modern fusion in the decor.  It is a five star hotel.

$$ Dar Mayssane

Things we like about Dar Mayssane.  1.  It is a 10 minute walk from the beach.  2.  It has local music on a regular basis.  3.  It looks like our dream house.

$ The Repose

So this isn't technically in the center of Rabat.  It's actually across the river in Sale but that doesn't make it any less of a great option to stay!  They are big on service here offering tea and pastries with arrival.  This place has insane reviews and for good reason.


$$$ Riad Dar Haven

Let me start off by saying, places to stay in Agadir are really, really cheap.  So, if you are a surfer or a surf groupie looking for some waves at an affordable price, get yourself to Agadir and you will be very happy.  Now that means you will have to get a flight to Marrakech and then a train to Agadir, but it's worth it. Riad Dar Haven is a deal.  Very affordable, great location and all the modern amenities of a great Moroccan stay.

$$  Villa du Souss Eco-Lodge

This is a little bit further away from the beach than most Agadir stays, which is why most people make it here.  With that said, it has nice relaxing activities like golfing and hiking.  It's probably not a destination for most, but if you want to make it to Agadir and want an affordable, lovely place outside the souks and medinas, this is very nice.

$ Salt Surf Taghazout

We really regret not stopping by here on our last venture to Morocco and we think about it every time we look at the NYC weather report.  This is the sweetest little hostel on the shore.  They host surf & yoga retreats on a seasonal basis with packages to fit avid surfers and beginners alike.  If you are planning on going to Morocco, this is definitely, definitely a must.

To summarize though, from my experience, the stand out places to stay if traveling throughout Morocco are Dar Victoria and Lina Ryad and Spa.  Not only are the accommodations stand out stunning but the people there are also as accommodating as can be.  But you can't lose!

Most choices are from experience so if you have follow up questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us!



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