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Inspired by People: Shruti from The Indé Project

This month, we got the chance to chat with Shruti, a business manager with The Indé Project helping OM partner with amazing small maker brands in India! Please tell us about...

This month, we got the chance to chat with Shruti, a business manager with The Indé Project helping OM partner with amazing small maker brands in India!

Please tell us about The Indé Project & the brands you work with:

The Indé Project is a first-of-its-kind business based in India and the US that offers consulting services, international marketing and sales opportunities to independent emerging designers from India and global independent retailers and boutiques so as to become a one-stop solution for fashion businesses. Our services include sourcing, discovery, production, designing, pricing and business management for both retailers and boutiques. However, we closely work with independent designers that are looking to grow their business in the international markets.

Where does the name of The Inde Project come from?

The name "Indé Project" is inspired by our Independent designer labels and creative individuals with unique ideas. We added a suffix 'Project' because the outcome of this journey can only be limited by time and not by result. There is a lot of research and a lot of planning that goes into achieving that collective goal and our growth is directly proportional to the designer's growth.

How do you pick the brands you work with and how do you find new brands?

Most of the brands we work with use eco-friendly/organic fabrics and materials that are handspun and handwoven by artisans directly, creating collections with a fresh new perspective on their styles. We keep an eye out for new emerging designers on the runway during Indian Fashion shows like India Fashion Week, and Lakme and of course, Instagram. However, we believe true talent and creativity has no boundaries and we have been quite blessed with word of mouth marketing.

Why is it important for the brands you work with to have a platform like The Inde Project?

At first, The Inde Project started off as a global e-commerce marketplace for independent labels from India. Only through working closely with the designers did we begin to realise there was a gap in the understanding of how to run their fashion label as a business. When it comes to fashion, it is one thing to design a garment and it is another thing entirely to market and sell it. Both design and business work hand in hand and this is where The Inde Project comes in to represent labels who want to take their designs from Sketch to Store.

Can you tell us a little bit about the makers of apparel and accessories that you sell and the techniques used?

    Most of the brands that we work with use beautiful Indian traditional embroidery and print techniques, fabrics or materials that are created by skilled weavers and artisans who have these skills passed down from multiple generations. You will find hand drawn illustrations, traditional Indian block prints, needlework and hand embroidery unique to the place of origin from India, natural and eco dyes and even precious stones sourced from unique locations across the country.

    What inspires you to work with these groups?

    Supporting creative designers and preserving and showcasing India's traditional crafts in a modern contemporary setting is what inspires us to work with these labels. We believe Indian handmade products have a place in the global market and want this to receive all the appreciation and traction it can. 

    Do you think selling Made to Order is important, and if yes, why?
    As big supporters of minimalism and sustainable practices, made -to-order is an ideal way to reduce wastage and overproduction in the fashion supply chain. Slow fashion especially in times like this would go a long way in providing value to consumers and one of the simplest ways in which we can contribute to this concept is by building awareness around mindful consumption.

    What has been your most satisfying moment working with The Inde Project?
    There have been a number of success stories since the beginning of our time. Our designers have been featured in international publications, made appearances in global trade shows, are being stocked at speciality and boutique retail stores at locations around the world and have buyers and consumers who are loving and appreciating the products they have been seeing with us. However, the most satisfying aspect for us is to view and be a part of the designer's journey. Watching them grow is pretty emotional.

    Is there a brand that you've loved and stays with you? And why?
      It is impossible to have one favourite brand out of all the labels we have worked with! We treasure every designer we have worked with and each of them has been a unique experience for us.

      Thank you, Shruti!

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