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November 12, 2018 2 min read

While we can cover anything that might cover the body, land of the head, adorn the foot or be a great gift, we don't have you all covered just yet.  Which means we are going to help you with references to our favorite home goods companies that work with artisan communities.  You heard it here first.  Our favorites...

Five Six Textiles

What are they:  blankets, pillows and home textiles woven by hand using the highest quality raw cotton in the rural village of Waraniéné, Côte d’Ivoire

Our Top Picks from their site:

Rose & Fitzgerald

What they are:  While their collection is minimal, each product packs a punch with serious design awesomeness.  We love that the brains behind the brand is a young couple who followed their hearts to Africa.  Their collection of home goods are all made in Africa and are simple but beautiful.

Our Top Picks from their site:

Maison Numen

What they are:  Based in Miami, Florida, Maison Numen is definitely a more high end home furnishings site.  Many of the products offered are in collaboration with artisan artists so you will find many objects and decorative pieces.

Our top picks from their site:

The Citizenry

What they are:  While sometimes vying on too much of a Williamsburg-y aesthetic for our liking, these guys have done a tremendous job working with artisans in different communities around the world.  From chair to mug, they are sure to have your artisans home goods covered.

Our top picks from their site:

The Little Market

What they do:  Lots and lots of decor.  The Little Market was founded by Lauren Conrad and another partner as a non profit.  Their vibe is very girly cute-sy but that doesn't keep us from having some picks we love.

Our top picks from their site: