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Our Favorite Beauty Products From Morocco

Home of the hammam.  If this one phrase is any clue, the Moroccan's know a thing or two about beauty and wellness.  After spending a good amount of time in...

Home of the hammam.  If this one phrase is any clue, the Moroccan's know a thing or two about beauty and wellness.  After spending a good amount of time in this country, we learned that there is a thing or two the people of Morocco are hiding from us that our skin would benefit to know.



Okay so we were kind of already onto this one but obviously we couldn't write this article without including this special ingredient.  Exclusively grown and produced in Morocco, argan beans grows in the Sous Valley, a mid-southern region separated from the Sahara desert by the Atlas Mountains.  The argan oil is extracted by all-women local cooperatives throughout the region through a process which requires patience and expertise.  When traveling in Morocco you will find the stuff EVERYWHERE.  Officially an anti-sebum, argan oil is a moisturizer from head to toe.



Definitely lesser known, this is actually pronounced with an R and really is just Moroccan clay.  confusing right?   Coming in many different forms- brick, powder or bottled it is used for its deep-cleansing and smoothing effects on the skin and the hair.  Meant to be mixed with rose water and applied to the face as a mask or scrubbing treatment.  But as most Moroccan products do, it can be used as a double whammy on the hair before shampooing for purifying action. 



If you were come upon a bottle of kohl in a souk, you will wonder where all western packaging went wrong.  There are two options 1. You can buy commercial kohl which will have beautiful calligraphy all over it and will be a pretty pink or 2. you can buy your own loose kohl with a kohl container which will have a dainty (but dangerous) applicator wand.  Either one, you cannot lose.  Kohl has been used for so, so long in Morocco actually in birthright ceremonies on the seventh day of the child's birth within which they christen the child with kohl- decor to accentuate the mothers features. 



You don't think you need one of these until you do.   Sure you think you clean yourself well, but that's until you try this guy.  Used in hammams everywhere, the kessa is a scrubbing mitten used after a healthy spread of black soap.  With some vicious scrubbing action, you will ensure to be reborn with new healthy skin cells that have been dying to break free.



An easy thing to get sucked into in this part of the world in this day and age is what the product looks like.  But let Black Soap be the reminder that just because it looks funky doesn't mean it can't perform miracles.  Black soap is a mixture of puree black olives, natural oils, locally harvested Moroccan plans and glycerol.  Best use- slathered on face and body to sit for a few minutes before washing and doing a full exfoliation.  A quintessential hammam favorite that can easily be done at home with all the benefits.  



Natural perfume in a cube. It's pure genius.  How many times have you packed a carry on and thought well shoot guess I am going to just smell this weekend because I can't carry on my 6 oz. Issey Miyake (or insert your favorite Sephora pick).   Well in Morocco you can by solid cubed perfume on the street.  And for cheap.   You can rub it on yourself, leave it in your bathroom, leave it in your car, whatever!  We love it.  You can put it in your car, clothes, bathroom or rub onto your body. It leaves amazing smell! Make sure to buy the good quality one not the fake one so that it will last longer. Good quality musk is not waxy.



I personally am allergic (sad) so it is no longer in my daily routine.  However, it should be in yours if you do not share the same sentiment!  Rose oil is used in Morocco as a makeup remover, a toner and a moisturizer.  If in Morocco, we would recommend making a trip to Kelaat M'gouna in the High Atlas to see the abundant rose valleys and products available.


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