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2020 Update from OM's New Lead

March 21, 2020 2 min read

Two months ago today, my company took over Ocelot Market knowing it would be one of the most life-changing decisions I ever made. At that time, I didn't foresee a global pandemic occurring in overlap with our new beginnings.

More than ever, I know how important it is for us to recognize that we're globally intertwined and have a responsibility to be fair, just, and respectful of the beings on this planet.

I also recognize the true amount of work Elise (OM's founder) put into Ocelot Market to make it the amazing place it is today and I can't believe what she accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Ocelot Market truly has the potential to be a part of a larger movement to shrink the gap between the producers and buyers of artisan-made, handmade products. It also has the power to provide work for small-businesses locally and internationally, as well as other key parts of our direct-to-consumer chain, such as shipping couriers and software providers.

In evaluating our 2020 forward, I've recognized a few things:

  • We need to be very transparent that we're a small business with a small team
  • We're promoting a slow-fashion movement and we cannot meet Amazon's service levels
  • We need to be better at connecting you with the makers of your amazing purchases
  • We need to make some real changes to make sure we, the vendors we work with, and the makers of your products who we support, survive for the long-run financially from this model:
    • We need to charge shipping for products purchased for less than $50

I wish I could tell you that we're all millionaires in this business, but the truth is that it takes a ton of hard work to build these brands, source ethically-made goods, and last for the long run in this business as a small company.

For me, I know to make OM the success it has the potential to be, I need to not take a wage at all from the company. We will continue to be a lean team until we can afford not to be.

I know that OM's future can only be positive. I promise that we will be transparent, provide excellent customer service, and provide you some of the most unique products you've ever seen.

We will constantly be:

  • Looking for new ways to stretch our impact, especially by bringing on vendor partners that can help us get there
  • Iterating based on feedback
  • Putting OM's profits into growing impact

I took over OM to change the world for the better and I know that together, we can.

Thank you for following our journey.


Michaela, new leader of OM