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Wristlet in Citron

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Small and cute, the Wristlet fits in most purses and bags. Plus, cash, cards, and most phones fit inside. The useful cord loops easily around a hand, so you can take it out on its own. Washable and travel ready, this Wristlet is ready for adventures with you! In bright blue and yellow, this Wristlet is hard to misplace and hard to miss. The classic plaid style is contrasted with the bright pastels- a great twist on an old favorite.

Size: 4.5" tall x 6" wide x .75" deep. Wristlet string length is 4" in circumference.

Please remember that the products are handmade by the wonderful artisans of Cojolya. Thus, variations may occur.


Cojolya is an NGO collective based in Santiago, Guatemala near Lake Atitlán. The association of Mayan weavers is a certified fair trade organization dedicated to the conservation of tradition and the economic prosperity of female weavers.