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Ultramarine Throw Algodón

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In a slight variation on the classic throw algodón, this throw combines a navy, light blue, and ultramarine. This large throw is made of 100% cotton. The Throw Algodon is large and thick, and it is perfectly at home at the foot of your bed, wrapped around your shoulders, or draped over the couch. It is knotted at the end using traditional techniques from Santiago Atitlan by the Vice President of our Board and one of Cojolya's original weavers, Petronila

The Throw Algodón is available for direct shipment from Guatemala. To place a custom order, email marketing@cojolya.org

Size: 70” tall x 27” wide

Please remember that our products are handmade by the wonderful artisans of Cojolya. Thus, variations may occur.