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SOAI - Bamboo Serving Bowls "Mango Shape" Large Ø32cm | Small Ø26cm

Made in Vietnam


At the end of the '70s, I, Little Moon, was 13 years old. A peasant girl, I left Vietnam alone for France. I studied and learned French. After 20 years of a professional career in France, I decided to return to visit my homeland, with my husband. Together we discovered the Vietnam countryside, from which I only had known my small village.

During our traveling in Vietnam, our desire was essential to develop a fair trade system: to present the know-how of the ancestral Vietnamese craftsmen in France. To combine tradition and durable development, fair trade and economic growth for the craftspeople. So we create bibol. bibol conceives and underlines the ecological & artisanal products in bamboo.

Little Moon started to work in the fields when she was 8 years old. She had experienced herself, of small children working like adults, misery, the lack of opportunity, motivated Little Moon. Since 2007, she and her husband have been developing equitably the production of bamboo bowls: - artisans are paid decently, - they do not work with solvents, - in 2011, the workshop manager was trained at "Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation" - to limit their CO2 emissions. In March 2018, Little Moon received a certificate from the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam for its contribution to the protection and care of children. The bamboo is still omnipresent in the Vietnamese culture, ie: in the gastronomy: chopsticks and bamboo shoots, in the architecture: scaffolds, drains, partitions and frames - while passing by paper and penmanship, clothing and furniture. Insidiously the plastic and the concrete replace it step by step. However, bamboo is a resource with undeniable qualities: flexible, solid, resistant, growing quickly, stabilizing the soil and converting CO2. The preservation of its usage is the guarantee of the continuation of its culture.