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Poppy + Sage

PENELOPE - Rattan Straw Tote

Size Guide
  • The perfect statement rattan straw tote, fashion forward unique design, or everyday summer purse!
  • 100% Handwoven Rattan Straw Tote
  • Beautiful Natural Tan Color
  • Tote Body Height: 6.5" Tall
  • Bottom of Tote: Length 5" x Width 3.5"
  • Top Opening of Tote: Length 8" x Width 3.5"
  • Woven Circle Handle: Tall 5.5" x Length 5.5"
  • Total Tote Height, Body + Woven Circle Handle: 12"
  • Handmade by talented women artisans in Bali, and sustainably sourced with care

Handmade Artisan Bags

All of our rattan straw items are handwoven by individual artisans. Due to the fact that each rattan straw tote is handmade, the totes may vary slightly from the online image. The woven pattern is unique to every tote, this is what makes each POPPY + SAGE tote such a special treasure knowing your tote is truly one-of-a-kind!

Care Instructions

Lightly wipe woven rattan with damp soft cloth (no soap).  If a piece of rattan turns outward, trim with small fingernail scissors to avoid potential clothing snags.