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Size Guide

Relax at home wearing this fiery robe. We use it right out of the shower: It's the light-weight fast-drying robe you always wanted. It's cozy to wear at home every day, while some of our customers can pull off wearing it as a summer trench coat.

Anatolico robes have usable pockets, a hanging loop, and a generous belt.

Sleeves are made short so they don't get in the way.

PELE's simple orange, red, gray and white stripes were inspired by a trip we took to Hawaii. In the Hawaiian religion, Pele (pronounced [ˈpɛlɛ]), is the goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands.

Size and Care

Anatolico robes are unisex; you can think of the sizes as men's sizes. The models are both 5'9" and wear a medium.

For more information about sizing and care, please go to our Size chart.

Materials and Benefits

All Anatolico robes are made out of Turkish towel material: flat-woven and 100% cotton. They have been hand-loomed by local artisans in Turkey using the best Turkish cotton and following the authentic traditional technique. This Turkish towel material makes our robes:

  • surprisingly absorbent

  • extremely lightweight

  • quick-drying even in the most humid environments and always smell fresh

  • breathable so you won't overheat after the shower

  • snag- and unravel-proof 


Looking to complement this robe with a matching towel? Robe for your significant other? The GRAY has the same gray making for a great match.