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Lily Stitched Kaftan

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A modern spin on the classic Turkish towel making it the perfect item for you to wear on the beach, on spring or fall evenings over something simple, or while relaxing at home. This kaftan is stitched by hand by a collective of women in Derya's home town close to Izmir, Turkey.

Size and Care

Anatolico kaftans are one size; they fit the smallest and the largest; the model is 5'9". 

For more information about sizing and care, please go to our Size chart.

Materials and benefits

All Anatolico kaftans are made out of Turkish towel material: LILY is flat-woven and 100% cotton. They have been hand-loomed by local artisans in Turkey using the best Turkish cotton and following the authentic traditional technique.

This Turkish towel material is:

  • surprisingly absorbent

  • extremely lightweight

  • quick-drying even in the most humid environments and always smells fresh


If you are looking to mix and match towels, kaftans and robes, the SKY towel features the same light blue as the LILY.

The BOHO family of towels, the Mustard, Rose and Stripes, all feature the same pink as well.

About the Brand

Anatolico, connects conscious customers with unique handcrafted Anatolian art. Founders, Derya and Fotis, grew up surrounded by the traditional ethnic art of the Mediterranean. With Anatolico, they wanted to share their love and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship with the world. 

Derya and Fotis spent months traveling around the villages and towns of Turkey to find the most authentic local artisan families, who run high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical productions. With their traditional looming techniques and their garment and pattern design, they are proud to be bringing thousand years old authenticity from the hands of the masters to your home.