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Casita Pocket Bag

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Through its innovative expressions of color, and a fresh combination of twisted threads and a thick Ottoman weft brocade, Casita is one of the most versatile textiles in Cojolya’s robust collection. In Pocket Bag form, the crisp colors create geometric balance. 

Lovely and light, the pocket bag is a trusty, adjustable companion for any occasion. Its size delicately showcases the Pueblo collection’s lively geometric patterns as it hangs from a whimsical, firmly wound cord. You can wear this well-crafted bag loosely on the shoulder, cross-body, shorten the length of the shoulder string, or tie it around the waist.

Size: 6 x 9.5 x 1" teal Zipper close. 

This bag also comes in Ladrillo.

Please remember that the products are handmade by the wonderful artisans of Cojolya. Thus, variations may occur.


Cojolya is an NGO collective based in Santiago, Guatemala near Lake Atitlán. The association of Mayan weavers is a certified fair trade organization dedicated to the conservation of tradition and the economic prosperity of female weavers.