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Casita Clutch

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A small home to a mother and her three daughters inspired the Casita print. Without a view of the lake but only a few blocks away from its shores, with Volcán San Pedro clothed in clouds and dark green foliage looming above, this family of women painted their house in the vibrant yellow and acqua captured in the Casita pattern. 

The Casita Clutch honors this matrilineal relationship as each piece comes with a thick wrist strap, which is the specialty of mother and daughter weaver team Rosario and Magdalena Ixtetelá. We call these straps “fajas” as they are drawn from the belts women wear with their traditional wrap skirts in Santiago. Featuring one color from each pattern, they make for a bold cut that helps you keep anything you may need on hand.

Size: 6.5 x 9" Zipper close.

Please remember that our products are handmade by the wonderful artisans of Cojolya. Thus, variations may occur.