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Haiti Design Co.

Alexa Aluminum Drop Earring

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The Alexa Aluminum Drop Earring is for the girl who loves classic styles with a modern twist. Super lightweight and named after one of Haiti Design Co.'s beloved team members. The pieces were sand casted by partner artisan, Jeff, and his talented team and then assembled in-house.

3” long, aluminum on stainless steel posts.

About Haiti Design Co

Haiti Design Co (HDC) was founded in 2014 with the goal of bringing about sustainable development through design, training and job creation.

Little by little, HDC's small workshop has grown and evolved into a training and production center employing over 150 people within its workshop and HDC partner branches. Over the years, HDC has collaborated with many talented designers that have come to Haiti and led workshops to train teams in new and better production techniques. These collaborations have been the foundations for many of the teams HDC is able to employ today.

Haiti Design Co houses and partners with production teams working in many types of artisan crafting, including leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, aluminum casting, metalwork, weaving, beadwork, horn & bone, tailoring and shoemaking. HDC works to provide consistent employment in-house to give job training and stability to individuals in vulnerable situations, as well as raise up artisan leaders to succeed as independent entrepreneurs in the community.