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Sarep + Rose

With designs created in the heart of New York by Liberian founder Robin Sirleaf and leather sourced, cut and sewn in Africa, Sarep & Rose's bags honor their heritage from ideation to creation, embodying a distinctive hybrid modernity. In combining traditional handwoven textiles and leatherworking skills with contemporary design, Sarep & Rose is building the platform for the future of African manufacturing.

A bright juxtaposition of African materials and craftsmanship with western design and functionality, Sarep & Rose's bags aim to fuse two still-separate worlds, making a positive social and economic impact on Pan African society while upholding its primordial beauty and supporting generations for self-taught artisans. Each design in the Sarep & Rose collections is a reflection of Sirleaf – her aspirations for a united Africa, and her personal lifelong journey as a Liberian reconnecting with her roots.