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Love for Nica

Nica Hammock

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Relax in our beautifully and carefully crafted hammocks made from 100% cotton and wood. Both the Single and Double Knotted hammocks are handmade in Nicaragua and designed to be extremely comfortable, long-lasting, and unique additions to your space. Our skilled artisans use twice the amount of time and textile in crafting the Double Knotted option, making it our most luxurious hammock available!


  • Relax in this beautifully and carefully crafted hammock made from 100% cotton. The hammocks are handmade in Nicaragua are designed to be extremely comfortable, long-lasting, and a uniquely aesthetic addition to your yard. Perfect for two people, and a luxurious option for one.

DIMENSIONS: 141 inches end-to-end (max-height of 86 inches), and 43 inches wide.

WEIGHT: 176 oz


Love For Nica is a social enterprise selling high-quality goods that are 100% handcrafted in Nicaragua. In addition to providing job opportunities to the Nicaraguan people, they give 50% of all profits back to Nicaragua by providing financial support to non-profit organizations that are helping people be employed and focused on ecosystem rehabilitation.