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Dushyant Asthana

Steeped in tradition and shaped from life experience, Dushyant Asthana isn’t simply an eponymous brand, but a philosophy, a reflection of its creator. Effortlessly integrating unconventional accents from the East with classic Western tailoring principles, Dushyant Asthana constructs clothing for the contemporary gentleman who has something to say.

Tailored with the highest-quality materials and hand-picked fabrics, each garment style is unique, allowing for a perfect, one-of-a-kind experience. Dushyant Asthana's fabrics are hand block-printed, hand screen-printed, hand-dyed and hand-loomed. Dushyant Asthana works with two family-run tailoring units - one in Jaipur and one in Bombay. The shirts are hand-cut by the master tailor and tailored from start to finish by the same tailor.

Each garment conveys an unequaled individual identity in the hopes that it contributes to creating enigmatic memories and an audacious mode of expression for the wearer.