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Charix Shoes is a small, independent DC-based company that designs lifestyle driven, unisex, colorful, sustainable, durable and extremely comfortable leather shoes, inspired by an old Turkish tradition. Each pair is handcrafted in Istanbul, by the hands of masters of this unique old trade. The shoes are the versatile go-to staple for every quest of the modern lifestyle. The more they are worn, the more comfortable Charix become. And the more they age, the more charming they look. 

Charix is the only take on this traditional shoe that has redesigned the product for contemporary comfort, fit and durability. Charix's team sources the finest-grain natural leather and is always experimenting with vibrant colors. Charix's shoes feature a low-profile memory foam insole that allows your foot to sink in for long hours of comfort during work, walking or traveling. The natural rubber outsole on the bottom is vulcanized and will never come undone or peel off the shoe. Charix also inserted an ultralight micro liner for shape retention and better fit.