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Beyond Borders Collective

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How everything started, Raul, an entrepreneur from Quito, Ecuador and Kirsten, a missionary from a small town in the heart of Nebraska met and fell in love with each other while she was volunteering in Ecuador. As they were getting to know each other, Raul introduced to Kirsten to the art and beauty of textile blankets crafted by indigenous families there. They purchased one together as friends and as their relationship evolved, that blanket became the perfect element to their relationship and life.

From a rooftop picnic in Ecuador on their first date, to that date reenacted a year later for their engagement, and then carried with them from Ecuador to the United States as they began their marriage. These blankets have been part of their life through many adventures journeys to quiet afternoons sipping on a glass of wine at home. They believe that it’s all about the simple things and their desire is for everyone to experience the quality and value of their product and the people behind it.

Our Vision and Mission: Two worlds collided and Beyond Borders Collective was created with the purpose of bringing economic growth to indigenous families from the Ecuadorian highlands. Through their partnership, they empower and dignify the hard work these families put into creating their products and the value that it brings to the final customer, as well as to bridge the gap between their cultures.

"Our goal is for everyone to enjoy being wrapped with the idiosyncrasy and richness of the culture, warmth, and soft goodness." -Kirsten and Raul Reyes